Firewood & Briquettes

Sinze more than 50 years we offer a wide range of firewood and kindling, wood briquettes and pellets, all of which are of a proven high quality. The products are predominantly made from sustainable and local forestry.


Our firewood and briquette products:

  1. Firewood made from Beechwood or Mix-wood in net-bags
  2. Firewood – lose (Mix: Beech-Oak-Alder)
  3. Kindling in net-bags
  4. Wood briquettes (RUF briquettes) in 10kg bags
  5. Softwood blocks – ready-to-use – dry
  6. Firework in wooden boxes – dry (Beech, Oak or Ash)
  7. Tree trunk pieces – Oak

Visit our wood-fuel web-shop!

Visit our wood-fuel web-shop here:!

Dealer or reseller?

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