The history of our family company

The company Thomsen was founded by Günther and Christa in 1962 and can now look back on close to 60 years of experience. It all began with a small business selling turf, sapwood and kindling. Back then, the site in Handewitt only contained a small house and a simple warehouse/barn. After a few years, smoking chips were also integrated into the range of products that Günther Thomsen tirelessly delivered to customers throughout the region. Thanks to Günther Thomsen’s hard work, the business developed so successfully that a new larger hall had to be constructed at the beginning of the 1970s to provide a home for new machines. Over the following years, the company’s fleet and machinery were continuously extended and the market and delivery area expanded.

Carefully dried smoking chips

Thomsen attaches great importance to sustainable production – the smoking chips made from local wood are carefully dried to 13% using wood chip drying procedures; the waste heat is used to heat the production facilities and the neighbouring buildings in a local heating network. This enables us to both save costs and preserve the environment.

Regular Quality Checks

Thomsen Räucherspäne GmbH & Co. KG is a family company that has been producing and selling smoking chips since 1962.

Smoking chips for bulk buyers

At Thomsen Räucherspäne GmbH & Co. KG we take customer service and contact with our customers extremely seriously. Our own fleet of 15 trucks enables us to always provide uncomplicated, flexible and quick deliveries. This is important because, given that are there are now barely any small smokehouses left, we predominantly deliver our smoking chips to bulk buyers who cannot afford any down times or fluctuations in quality.

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