Wood Pellets

When purchasing wood pellets, we are only satisfied with the very highest levels of quality. In cooperation with leading suppliers from Germany, Denmark and Poland, we offer you wood pellets from the following brands: Stampemøllen, Mecklenburger Energiepellets and Barlinek – the best wood pellets on the market.

High standards of quality and certifications according to the ENplus A1 and DINplus norm are standard and the requirement for being included in our range of products.

A sustainable production of the wood pellets is also a basic requirement for us, as with the use of the wood pellets, we ultimately want to create an ecologically valuable replacement to fossil fuels, which is why our range of products only consists of FSC certified products.


Visit our wood-fuel web-shop!

Visit our wood-fuel web-shop here: www.thomsen-pellets.de!

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